Why VoxNeuro?

The VoxNeuro Advantage

VoxNeuro takes the guesswork out of healthcare by empowering clinicians to efficiently make accurate diagnoses, create targeted rehabilitation plans, and track recovery progress with quantitative clinical evidence – accelerating and improving concussion and traumatic brain injury management end-to-end.

We do this by assessing how brain function has been impacted by an injury. (Source)

Brain injuries can affect the following types of function: working memory, automatic attention, reactive attention, concentration, language comprehension, and executive function. These impact a patient's well-being and quality of life.

VoxNeuro delivers the only assessment in the world that can objectively measure each type of function, so that clinical specialists can make customized cognitive rehabilitation plans specific to that patient’s needs. VoxNeuro removes the need for months of trial-and-error rehabilitation, empowering fast and impactful rehabilitation.

VoxNeuro’s assessments help reduce long waitlists for specialized care. What traditionally would take 1-3 days of neuropsychological assessments that garner a subjective account of a patient’s brain function, is now possible to assess, objectively, in 1 hour with VoxNeuro.

Our reports can be utilized at any point along the patient’s care pathway to ensure they get the care they need for their unique injury.

Key benefits:

No baselines required.

Objectively inform rehabilitation

Accelerate treatment and track recovery

Deliver better patient outcomes

Streamline healthcare resources

Increase patient throughput