Founded in Research

Backed by 25+ years of scientific research

Meet the man behind the science
Dr. John F. Connolly is the Chief Science Officer and co-founder of VoxNeuro. He holds the Senator William McMaster Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, is the founding director of the ARiEAL Research Centre, and co-directs the Language, Memory and Brain Lab. He is an author on over 330 articles, chapters, and presentations most of which involve EEG/ERP, MEG and MRI studies of cognition in health and brain pathology.

The scientific breakthrough
In 1999, Dr. Connolly was the first person in the world to demonstrate that a patient (mis)diagnosed as being in a vegetative state was actually in a locked-in state, meaning they were fully functioning cognitively but experiencing near-complete physical paralysis. After 9 months of successful cognitive rehabilitation efforts, the patient had regained complete motor control and was discharged, walking himself out of the hospital. This landmark case led to the development of EEG-based methods of assessing conscious states and mental functions in patient populations including autism, vegetative state, coma, and concussion. This research forms the foundation of VoxNeuro’s cognitive health assessments.

Concussion is no longer the ‘invisible injury’
Since 2015, a dedicated focus has been on the application of VoxNeuro’s technology to assess concussions. Founded in research on one of the largest studies of living ex-football players to date, VoxNeuro’s cognitive health assessments were proven alongside traditional methods of assessments with the ability to provide objective insights on cognitive function otherwise impossible to obtain.