About us

The Mission

Provide objective measurement of human brain function, unlocking the full potential of brain performance, recovery, and understanding.

Powered by the world’s largest and richest database on individual human brain function, VoxNeuro will usher in a new global gold standard of measuring, assessing and tracking brain function.

Performance: Tailored workout plans for your brain’s function. Objectively track your brain’s performance against scientifically validated benchmarks based on age and sex. We will usher in a proactive approach to training and improving specific types of core brain function.

Recovery: Eliminate the guesswork associated with assessing brain injuries globally. Remove the need for expensive and time-consuming trial-and-error approaches to cognitive rehabilitation.

Understanding: Layered across global scientific research studies and pharmaceutical clinical trials, VoxNeuro’s revolutionary and detailed objective data empowers an elevated understanding of how to optimize our collective efforts and accelerate integration of new technologies and interventions while reducing stakeholder risks.

The Team

Powered by diverse expertise in Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Medtech, Regulatory Strategy, Business Development, Occupational Therapy, & Kinesiology; the VoxNeuro team is driven each day to deliver the best-in-class Cognitive Health Assessment™ to the world. 

Dr. John F. Connolly
Chief Science Officer, Co-founder
James Connolly
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Kimberly Elliott
Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder
Sam Chebib
Chief Strategic Officer
Dr. Rober Boshra
Director of AI & Technology
Dr. Kyle I. Ruiter
Director of Clinical Operations
Christopher Seminerio
Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Andrew Matiasso, R.Kin, CHT™ 
Coordinator, Operations
Junior Software Developer, AI & Technology
Danielle Gnidec, OTA/PTA, CHT™ 
Client Manager, Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Nathalee Ewers, MSc, CHT™ 
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead,
Corporate Social Responsibility
Adam Masciangelo, MSc
Regulatory Affairs Associate

Industry Partners & Support

VoxNeuro’s science is backed by 25+ years of globally funded, peer-reviewed research led by Dr. John F. Connolly. This research began at Dalhousie University, furthered at University of Montreal, and continues to break new ground at McMaster University, where VoxNeuro launched its operations in 2017. Dr. John F. Connolly, the Chief Science Officer and co-founder of VoxNeuro, holds the Senator William McMaster Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, is the founding director of the ARiEAL Research Centre, and co-directs the Language, Memory and Brain Lab at McMaster University. VoxNeuro works with partners at the McMaster Industry Liaison Office in the commercialization of this groundbreaking technology in brain health management, and is a graduate of The Forge, McMaster’s start-up incubator.

VoxNeuro has received innovation support funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). Obtaining NRC IRAP funding not only serves as recognition for VoxNeuro’s focus on innovation, but will serve as a catalyst for the company’s continued growth and success.

VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ use Health Canada and FDA approved electroencephalography (EEG) equipment supplied by Compumedics Neuroscan. Compumedics Neuroscan is the world’s lead­ing provider of tech­nolo­gies for high-density EEG record­ings, electro-magnetic source local­iza­tion, multi-modal neuroimag­ing and enhance­ments to func­tional MRI. Neuroscan’s prod­ucts are in use at over 1500 univer­si­ties, corpo­rate labo­ra­to­ries and national research insti­tutes in approx­i­mately 40 countries.

VoxNeuro is a member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. As a part of the Hamilton community, VoxNeuro is dedicated to building Hamilton’s reputation as one of Canada’s leading innovative cities in healthcare, while helping to promote and enhance business growth and activities across the City of Hamilton.

VoxNeuro is a Platinum Corporate Sponsor of Brain Injury Canada. We share the central mission to enhance the lives of individuals, their families & caregivers living with brain injury. Brain Injury Canada, the only national charitable brain injury organization, enables access to ABI information and services for all Canadians. In 2020, Brain Injury Canada will launch an integrated and comprehensive Brain Injury Resource Website. It will serve to provide reliable & evidence-based information related to brain injury, and a comprehensive list of existing services for Canadians with brain injuries, their families and caregivers.