Anti-black racism is a public health issue

June 16, 2020

OVER THE PAST WEEKS the outpouring of news highlighting anti-black racism and the power behind the black rights movement has inspired introspection, education, constructive conversations, and putting plans together to act – not just immediately, but long-term – to combat racial injustices. 

VoxNeuro recognizes the systemic issues of anti-black racism. It manifests itself in every aspect of society, in some ways that are more obvious than others. To name a few, it is present in government policies and leadership, in education, in the justice system, and in the healthcare system. 

While a large focus of the current black-rights movement has been on police brutality, this is just one of many issues our society needs to abolish. Anti-black racism is also a public health issue. It is about access to care, it is about inequalities in scientific data, it is about implicit biases that lead to disparities in treatment.

VoxNeuro’s mission is to provide objective measurement of human brain function, to unlock the full potential of brain performance, recovery, and understanding. A fundamental part of achieving this mission is providing access to healthcare overall, not just access to Cognitive Health Assessments™. VoxNeuro is focused on what access is given to a patient once their care teams are armed with the objective data the assessment’s reports provide regarding their brain health – identifying what treatment they need for their unique injury. In removing reliance on subjective assessments traditionally used to assess the brain, VoxNeuro’s technology gives an objective voice to otherwise invisible brain ailments. In the same manner, objective and representative data across all healthcare has the power to give a voice to black patients who have been disproportionately affected by the healthcare system. 

VoxNeuro recognizes there are racial disparities in recovery from brain injury and is committed to taking action to erase this current truth through focused research and development. This has always been, and always will be, core to VoxNeuro’s strategy and mission. 

While VoxNeuro will continue to roll out strategies to close healthcare gaps for the black patient population, there are also immediate actions the company is taking to amplify the voices of the black community. Starting with recognizing excellent researchers and practitioners of colour in the field of neuroscience, VoxNeuro will use its platform to amplify their voices and help educate on the challenges and gaps in brain-centred healthcare. VoxNeuro is connecting with and actively seeking individuals to get involved in this initiative, which will involve interviews on their work and their perspectives to share on our social channels.

If you are a researcher or practitioner of colour who would like to get involved, or recommend another individual, please contact [email protected] directly. 

VoxNeuro is made up of a team who were all brought on because of their unique backgrounds. We celebrate each other’s unique lived experiences and differences, and know that this is what gives the team strength. We are the team that we are because of each other’s voices, compassion and support. This is core to our culture. Together, we are dedicated to being change agents for marginalized communities, and hope we inspire others to do what is within their power to act and to create permanent, positive, inclusive solutions. Today, and always, to the black community, we stand with you.