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  • Where is the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment available?

    The VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment is available at VoxNeuro Test Centers, listed on the Locations page.

  • How is the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment different from other cognitive assessments?

    Other cognitive assessments are based on patient self-reporting or observable symptoms. The subjective nature of these assessments can result in a high margin of error.

    Unlike subjective cognitive assessment tools, VoxNeuro analyzes brain health using biomarkers called ERPs (event-related potentials), which indicate the health of your core cognitive functions including memory, information processing, attention & concentration.

    VoxNeuro supports:

    • proactive brain health
    • informed clinical decision-making
    • customized care

  • What cognitive functions does the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment score?

    Memory, information processing, attention & concentration.

  • What types of injuries or illnesses are the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment applicable to?

    The VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment can be used to evaluate the brain as a general brain health check-up, or to evaluate any injury or condition. They provide objective data to healthcare providers on how a brain is functioning in the following mental abilities: memory, information processing, attention & concentration. Learn more: Use Cases.

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  • Where can I learn more about the science behind the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment?

    Visit Science & Technology page to learn more. If you have additional questions, contact our team.

  • How can I start treating my patients with the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment?
    • Option 1: Become a Test Center: VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessment systems are easily installed into any clinical setting and the assessments are simple to run. Each Test Center goes through the VoxNeuro Certification Program to certify staff as Cognitive Health Technicians, and certify their clinic. Staff complete an in-person and online training course to become accredited to use the reports to inform treatment.
    • Option 2: Refer your patients: VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessment report is easy to use, and can be leveraged by healthcare providers to support proactive brain health, informed clinical decision-making and customized care.

    Visit the Healthcare Providers page to learn more.

  • Does a patient need to have a baseline assessment?

    Owing to decades of research preceding the commercial launch of VoxNeuro, as well as continuous expansion of the normative database, VoxNeuro has a rich collection of data from patients of different genders spanning 12-90 years of age. With this database to compare a patient’s results to, a baseline is not required to confirm if a patient’s cognitive function is performing at a healthy level for their age.

    For patients who are at high-risk for brain injury and may have sustained injuries in the past, such as contact-sport athletes, pre-season assessments are valuable. Learn more: Use Cases.

  • I have patients who are concerned about historical injuries. Is there any length of time after which the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment is no longer useful?

    No, the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment can be run at any time and can be useful in both the acute and chronic phases of injury. You can explore more on how VoxNeuro’s technology benefits individuals years removed from their injuries in the publication Disruption of Function: Neurophysiological markers of cognitive deficits in retired football players  and in the award winning series Collision Course.

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  • Can you outline the method of assessment?

    VoxNeuro’s technology is made up of two proprietary components: the Cognitive Health Assessment™ and VoxNeuro’s medical software.

    The Cognitive Health Assessment™ follows VoxNeuro’s evidence-based electroencephalography (EEG) protocol.

    The assessment takes 30 minutes to complete and is non-invasive. EEG electrodes sit on the scalp and record the brain’s electrical activity through EEG conductive gel. You can think of this as similar to an ultrasound.

    During the assessment, you will perform a series of tasks on a computer while the EEG records hundreds of thousands of data-points along your brain waves. Among those data points are ERPs (event-related potentials) which are commonly associated with the health of core cognitive functions like memory, information processing, attention & concentration.

    VoxNeuro’s medical software rapidly analyzes, transforms and compares the EEG’s ERP data to VoxNeuro’s database of healthy cognitive function to generate a patient report. The report provides scores of your cognitive functions that healthcare providers can use as a tool to support clinical findings and decision-making.

    Visit Science & Technology to learn more.

  • Can you explain why a Cognitive Health Assessment may be deemed reasonable and necessary?

    Today, healthcare practitioners rely on subjective measurements (e.g., Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)) to assess cognitive function. Ultimately, subjective methods are not suitable in measuring a patient’s cognitive function at the neurophysiological level. The Cognitive Health Assessment™ removes the subjectivity involved in assessing cognitive function. It accurately confirms whether or not the patient has cognitive function post injury, which functions are present, and to what extent these functions are performing. In sum, the results of the assessment help guide healthcare providers in determining the next course of action for a patient.

    VoxNeuro scores multiple core cognitive functions to support:

    • proactive brain health
    • informed clinical decision-making
    • customized care

    VoxNeuro’s electroencephalography (EEG) protocol and medical software analyze and compare a patient’s event-related potentials (ERPs) from the electrical activity of their brain to VoxNeuro’s normative database to determine cognitive function scores in memory, information processing, attention & concentration. These healthy cognitive functions are imperative to your overall well-being and quality of life.

    For healthcare providers, VoxNeuro helps to elevate the evaluation of cognitive function with rapid, objective and actionable data.

    VoxNeuro complements clinical protocols to track cognitive health over time, provide valuable data to the diagnostic process, and help inform customized treatment strategies.

    When treatment is undertaken, repeat assessments track changes in a patient’s cognitive scores to monitor their progress and validate the efficacy of treatment, helping healthcare providers to maximize patient outcomes and expedite recovery timelines.

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  • Refer a client for a Cognitive Health Assessment:
    • Visit our Locations page to find a Test Centre
    • Contact a Test Center directly to book an appointment
    • You will receive the Cognitive Health Assessment™ report in 2 business days You will receive the Cognitive Health Assessment™ report in 2 business days
    • Review the report with the healthcare professional on the file, or work with one through the Test Center to obtain their medical opinion. Choose what works for you and your practice.
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