Can you explain why VoxNeuro may be deemed reasonable and necessary?

  • The inefficiencies of current behavior-based screeners cost patients, clinicians, and the healthcare system time and money. False positives indicating cognitive dysfunction lead to patient and caregiver distress, and result in unnecessary and costly additional testing. False negatives lead to missed diagnoses, and can have severe consequences, especially when impaired patients fail to get necessary support with medication management, mobility, or other areas.
  • VoxNeuro exposes pure cognitive function, independent of symptomatology and behavior, by measuring cognitive ERPs that emerge from the underlying biology. This provides objective measures that are not influenced by subjective factors of the test taker or test administrator.
  • For patients with suspected cognitive dysfunction, VoxNeuro provides rapid and objective biomarkers to inform clinical decision-making.
  • Repeatable tests fill an unmet need of a reliable method to track change over time, including recovery from a traumatic brain injury or the progression of dementia.