Can you outline the method of assessment?

VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ improve the world’s understanding of the brain through reliable measurement of all core brain functions. The EEG-based neurotechnology is used to see how a brain is performing, and differentiates between true cognitive decline and perceived decline due to symptoms caused by situational factors, such as stress, general fatigue or mood.

During the Cognitive Health Assessment™, a patient goes through a series of tests on a computer while wearing an EEG cap. Instead of using common “resting state” EEG techniques, Cognitive Health Assessments™ drive active engagement to pinpoint what core functions are performing below a healthy level, as indicated by neuromarkers (brain biomarkers) captured in the recording. The strength and timing of neuromarkers confirm the health of each core brain function, and show which mental abilities need to be treated, all easily summarized in a Cognitive Health Assessment™ report.