How is the VoxNeuro different from other cognitive assessments?

  • Traditional cognitive health assessments rely on behavioral indicators instead of brain-based biomarkers, making them deeply constrained by subjectivity and bias, and thus clouding measures of cognition.
  • VoxNeuro exposes pure cognitive function, independent of symptomatology and behavior, by measuring cognitive event-related potentials (ERPs) that emerge from the underlying biology (rather than psychometric behavioral measures assessed through observation, screeners, or neuropsychological batteries.)
  • VoxNeuro therefore provides objective measures that are not influenced by subjective factors of the test taker or test administrator. Factors like a patient’s mood, motivation, literacy, or education level do not affect or confound the results of a VoxNeuro test.
  • Tests are also repeatable without a habituation effect that is observed with traditional cognitive health assessments.

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