How are Cognitive Health Assessments™ different from traditional qEEG?

Quantitative EEG (qEEG) is an improvement on traditional EEG. It produces digital recordings, allowing clinicians to analyze the data on the computer, instead of simply looking at the brain waves in a static image. EEG testing available in most hospitals and clinics only measure “resting state”, which is exactly as it sounds – measuring a patient’s brain activity when they are at rest & not actively engaging in or completing any tasks. 

Instead of relying on “resting state” EEG testing, VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ drive active engagement. Each test in the assessment can be thought of as a performance-test for the brain’s core functions. By measuring each core function while the patient is actively engaged with the test, VoxNeuro is able to provide objective data to confirm which functions require rehabilitation or treatment, and which functions are performing at healthy levels.

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