How can I start treating my patients with VoxNeuro?

  • Option 1: Become a Test Center: VoxNeuro is a simple and easy-to-implement add-on to your clinical-grade EEG system. For practices that do not currently have an onsite EEG, VoxNeuro offers pre-configured clinical EEG equipment and training. VoxNeuro is easily installed into any clinical setting and the assessments are simple to run. Each Test Center goes through the VoxNeuro Certification Program to certify staff as Cognitive Health Technicians, and certify their clinic. Staff also complete an in-person and online training course to become certified to use the reports to inform treatment.
  • Option 2: Refer your patients: VoxNeuro empowers clinical decision making, and instantly generates clear, clinical reports with universally understood insights, featuring easy-to-understand scoring for key cognitive functions. These scores can be leveraged by healthcare providers to support proactive brain health and make informed clinical decisions.

Download the patient referral form on our Locations page.

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