What can I expect during the assessment?

VoxNeuro’s technology is made up of two proprietary components: the Cognitive Health Assessment™ and VoxNeuro’s medical software.

The Cognitive Health Assessment™ follows VoxNeuro’s evidence-based electroencephalography (EEG) protocol.

The assessment takes 15 minutes to complete and is non-invasive. EEG electrodes sit on the scalp and record the brain’s electrical activity through EEG conductive gel. You can think of this as similar to an ultrasound.

During the assessment, you will perform a series of tasks on a computer while the EEG records hundreds of thousands of data-points along your brain waves. Among those data points are ERPs (event related potentials) which are commonly associated with the health of core cognitive functions like memory, information processing, attention & concentration.

VoxNeuro’s medical software rapidly analyzes, transforms and compares the EEG’s ERP data to VoxNeuro’s database of healthy cognitive function to generate a patient report. The report provides scores of your cognitive functions that healthcare providers can use as a tool to support clinical findings and decision-making.