What makes VoxNeuro different from other brain assessments?

Solutions for assessing brain health fall drastically behind those for other vital organs, like the heart and lungs. 

Current neuroimaging technologies, like CT and MRI, are well established to assess structural damage but not functional damage. They rely on indicators like bone damage, lesions and irregular blood flow, not electrical activity. Assessing electrical activity and knowing what the electrical patterns of the brain mean is key to truly understanding how your brain is performing, and what that means for your functional ability.

Other cognitive assessments are based on patient self-reporting or observable symptoms. The subjective nature of these assessments can result in a high margin of error.

Unlike subjective cognitive assessment tools, VoxNeuro analyzes brain health using biomarkers called ERPs (event-related potentials), which indicate the health of your core cognitive functions including memory, information processing, attention & concentration.

VoxNeuro supports:

  • proactive brain health
  • informed clinical decision-making
  • customized care