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VoxNeuro is a first-of-its-kind technology and a breakthrough for brain health.

Solving the Unmet Need in Cognitive Health Assessments

Traditional cognitive health assessments are limited because they lack the objective rigor of testing used in other areas of medicine. They are reliant on behavioral indicators instead of brain-based biomarkers, making them deeply constrained by subjectivity and bias, and thus clouding measures of cognition.

VoxNeuro exposes pure cognitive function, independent of symptomatology and behavior, by measuring cognitive event-related potentials (ERPs) that emerge from underlying biology rather than psychometric behavioral measures assessed through observation, screeners, or neuropsychological batteries.

VoxNeuro provides objective measures that are not influenced by subjective factors of the test taker or test administrator, unlike traditional cognitive health assessments. Factors like a patient’s mood, motivation, literacy, or education level do not affect or confound the results of a VoxNeuro test. Tests are also repeatable without a habituation effect that is observed with traditional cognitive health assessments.

In addition, VoxNeuro: 

  • Can be used without a baseline reading to detect cognitive dysfunction.
    • Some current technologies require a healthy baseline reading to detect cognitive dysfunction. VoxNeuro, with its normative database, can detect cognitive dysfunction with a single, post-incident measurement, without need for a baseline reading.
  • Can be used at any time point post-incident.
    • Many current tests and screeners have a narrow window for obtaining accurate insights on the cognitive impact of concussion or traumatic brain injury. Analysis of cognitive ERPs with VoxNeuro has shown the sensitivity to detect cognitive dysfunction in cases where it has persisted more than 30 years past the index incident.
  • Can be used repeatedly to track change over time.
    • VoxNeuro can be used for repeat measurements over time, with the capability of tracking recovery from an injury or cognitive decline, such as the progression of dementia.
  • Provides access to every type of brain.
    • VoxNeuro uses a lead-based electroencephalography (EEG) system, rather than a cap, that is inclusive for all hair types and styles.
    • The lead-based EEG system is also designed to work even with severe head injuries.
    • Our validated ERP analysis is powered by a normative database built through a rich collection of data from patients of different ages, genders, and ethnicities. This database allows us to assess cognitive function for any person age 12 and up.
  • Can be applied to even the most complex neurological cases.
    • VoxNeuro is designed to work with a lead-based clinical EEG system that can be flexibly deployed for those with severe head injuries.
    • VoxNeuro can be used to assess cognitive function in non-communicative patients (eg, patients with aphasia) that can’t be assessed using traditional methods.
  • Is a simple and easy-to-implement add-on to your clinical-grade EEG system.
    • For practices that do not currently have an onsite EEG, VoxNeuro offers pre-configured clinical EEG equipment and training.
  • Is built on a deep foundation of clinical research.
    • VoxNeuro is rooted in research, with more than 300 peer-reviewed publications on EEG, including numerous breakthrough findings, published by Chief Science Officer John F Connolly, PhD, since 1982.
  • Has a dedicated team equipped to help you navigate your VoxNeuro partnership, including installation, training, and support.
    • Product experts are available for any support needed, including visiting your office to install the system.
    • VoxNeuro provides extensive online and onsite training and certification to support clinicians and technicians every step of the way.
    • VoxNeuro provides hands-on customer support with technology, reimbursement, invoicing, referrals, and ongoing training needs.

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