VoxNeuro Test Centers

Dr. Lauren Karatanevski and Dr. Scott Christie
Owners and Chiropractors at Back in Action Health Clinic

“Back in Action Health Clinic is proud of our commitment to be on the forefront of new innovation and technology in the management of concussions.  We are very excited to have partnered with VoxNeuro in the field of cognitive health and rehabilitation. VoxNeuro has offered our clinic the ability to effectively provide our patients with an assessment tool that objectively looks at cognitive deficits related to a concussion or brain injury. With the data provided from the assessment, we are better equipped to streamline an individualized cognitive rehabilitation plan and ultimately administer the best care for each and every patient in our office.”

“With over 15 years of experience in brain injury rehabilitation, Pillars of Wellness will continue to support the community for concussions management utilizing the VoxNeuro. This innovative and evidence-based approach is revolutionary and without a doubt, will help many people suffering from brain trauma. Being an integrated care clinic, it is very important for us to work with such organizations in order to share and deliver best practices.”

Lori Desjardine
Co-Owner & Occupational Therapist at Pillars of Wellness & Desjardine Rehabilitation

Dr. Abdel Kaleel, Neurologist
Dr. Abdel Kaleel, Neurologist
Owner of HeadworX Neurology Clinic

“As a neurologist with multiple subspecialty training in higher disorders of both the central and peripheral nervous system, VoxNeuro rounds out my practice very well and acts as an extension to our clinical exam, allowing us to develop a more realistic and complete picture of the patient’s road to recovery.

I have long believed that, as a field, we can do a better job of providing patients with the answers they deserve and a clear path to recovery. With the addition of VoxNeuro, our patients can feel very comfortable that we have the most current means of giving them a true understanding of their condition and an ongoing way to ensure their treatment is working.

With our growing community population, there is a widening gap for neurological services in Canada. Many times, patients are over-treated and over-tested and this can place a substantial burden on our healthcare system and subject the patient to unnecessary harm. With the objective data provided by VoxNeuro, we will be better able to determine if a patient’s cognitive concerns warrant further investigations or management options.”

Healthcare Professionals

Colleen Boyce
Colleen Boyce
Director, NRIO, Division of Bayshore Therapy & Rehab

VoxNeuro is able to assess patients in a way that was traditionally impossible.

“If someone is having depressive symptoms but then we think the origin is actually repeated brain injuries, having a tool that can confirm that can put us on the right track…Having an objective measurement related to the brain function of people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries is enormous, clinically.”

Flavio Kapczinski
Flávio Kapczinski, MSC, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Director of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at McMaster University
Psychiatrist at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Lindsay Mustill
Occupational Therapist & Manager, Bayshore Therapy & Rehab

VoxNeuro assisted me with tailoring my client’s cognitive treatment in the early stages of her concussion recovery. I was able to focus on specific areas of cognitive impairment, which allowed me to be more efficient and effective with my treatment.

Before VoxNeuro, treating a client with a catastrophic brain injury was like walking down a dark hallway of locked doors looking for one that was open. Now, it’s like we’re in the same hallway, but armed with VoxNeuro’s reports, we’ve flipped the light-switch and can easily find which doors are open. The information in VoxNeuro’s reports help to decide when therapeutic intervention is required and benefit the therapeutic progress by helping us to decide what to pursue from the start. The reports assist families in knowing their loved ones potential, and also help with funding for rehabilitation for clients who are in coma or minimally conscious.”

Colleen Boyce & Frank Tenuta
Director & Residential Rehab Clinical Director, NRIO, Division of Bayshore Therapy & Rehab

Advocacy Groups & Supporters

VoxNeuro represents all that is right about the Hamilton life science cluster of companies and institutions and as a part of that, Bay Area Health Trust is excited to support them both financially and through our network.”

Peter Kalra,
President and CEO of Bay Area Health Trust


Laura Martin
Registered Practical Nurse & COVID-19 Long-Hauler

“I assumed like every other test I’ve done so far, my results would come back totally fine and they would have no idea how to help me. It turns out…my reactive attention concentration and working memory have all been impaired, as well as my executive function. I’m now able to start occupational therapy once a week for 12 weeks along with acupuncture. And then hopefully I’ll be able to complete a second VoxNeuro assessment to see how far I’ve come. I would suggest this to anybody who’s been experiencing brain fog fatigue, lack of concentration, poor short-term memory, etc.”

“I visited Pillars of Wellness for a VoxNeuro assessment…The results showed many severe deficiencies in different complex responses. I will use this report as a tool to reference a baseline to start some therapy treatments. This is something definitive that shows numerically the struggles I am having are real.”

Susie Goulding
COVID-19 Long-Hauler & founder of COVID Long Haulers Support Group Canada