“Back in Action Health Clinic is proud of our commitment to be on the forefront of new innovation and technology in the management of concussions.  We are very excited to have partnered with VoxNeuro in the field of cognitive health and rehabilitation. The VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment has offered our clinic the ability to effectively provide our patients with an assessment tool that objectively looks at cognitive deficits related to a concussion or brain injury.  With the data provided from the assessment, we are better equipped to streamline an individualized cognitive rehabilitation plan and ultimately administer the best care for each and every patient in our office.”

Dr. Lauren Karatanevski and Dr. Scott Christie
Owners and Chiropractors at Back in Action Health Clinic

“With over 15 years of experience in brain injury rehabilitation, Pillars of Wellness will continue to support the community for concussions management utilizing the VoxNeuro assessment technology. This innovative and evidence-based approach is revolutionary and without a doubt, will help many people suffering from brain trauma. Being an integrated care clinic, it is very important for us to work with such organizations in order to share and deliver best practices.”

Lori Desjardine
Co-Owner & Occupational Therapist at Pillars of Wellness & Desjardine Rehabilitation

“On August 29, 2010 Rohan, my husband, set out with his friends for a leisurely ride on their bicycles. At an intersection, Rohan was struck by a speeding vehicle and was thrown 30 meters.

Rohan suffered a severe brain injury and a lot of abdominal injuries. He was deemed catastrophic with no vitals on the scene. Rohan was resuscitated by some great paramedics and was rushed to Hamilton General Hospital where he underwent 11 and a half hours of surgery and was deemed vegetative. Rohan was in a coma for about 10 days.

Rohan was moved to a stepdown unit when he started waking up and was treated by a neurologist Dr. Jane Gillette, who was not in agreement to Rohan’s initial diagnosis. Dr. Jane Gillette turned to Dr. John Connolly and said to him “The ball is in your court. Please test Rohan for brain activity as I feel the diagnosis is not correct.”

Dr. Jane Gillette’s concern was correct. Dr. John Conolly proved in his testing that Rohan was terribly injured but had full brain activity – responding to different commands, music and lots more.

Dr. John Connolly followed and still follows Rohan’s progress 9 years later. The work VoxNeuro is doing is so important and vital because Doctors come to conclusions too quickly that a severe brain injury is correlated to vegetative state.

We commend the work Dr. John Connolly and his team at VoxNeuro are doing. As we see it, they are “Giving Patients a Second and Fair Chance to Life”. Today Dr. John Conolly could retire in a nice comfy home and relax but he is still out there working to help patients – this is a testimony to dedication, passion and love for what he does and has for patients. A mission that will continue to thrive through VoxNeuro.

Our best wishes to Dr. John Connolly and VoxNeuro to their endless hours of work. Not everyone has this great gift, only few are gifted and honoured with it and Dr. John Conolly – you are the greatest one. Our thanks to you for giving Rohan a great second chance at life. Rohan is far from what the diagnosis was thanks to the information your test provided his care team early in his recovery. Rohan has fully recovered Cognitively, and his physical abilities are great, working out 7 days a week. Our best wishes in all you are doing.”

Paula Noronha-Pais
Wife of Rohan Pais – former patient.

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“Before VoxNeuro, treating a client with a catastrophic brain injury was like walking down a dark hallway of locked doors looking for one that was open. Now, it’s like we’re in the same hallway, but armed with VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessment™ reports, we’ve flipped the light-switch and can easily find which doors are open. The information in VoxNeuro’s reports help to decide when therapeutic intervention is required and benefit the therapeutic progress by helping us to decide what to pursue from the start. The reports assist families in knowing their loved ones potential, and also help with funding for rehabilitation for clients who are in coma or minimally conscious.”

Colleen Boyce & Frank Tenuta
Director & Residential Rehab Clinical Director, NRIO, Division of Bayshore Therapy & Rehab

“VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessment™ assisted me with tailoring my client’s cognitive treatment in the early stages of her concussion recovery. 

With the two day report turn around time, I was able to focus on specific areas of cognitive impairment, which allowed me to be more efficient and effective with my treatment.”

Lindsay Mustill
Occupational Therapist & Manager, Bayshore Therapy & Rehab

“If someone is having depressive symptoms but then we think the origin is actually repeated brain injuries, having a tool that can confirm that can put us on the right track…Having an objective measurement related to the brain function of people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries is enormous, clinically.”

Flávio Kapczinski, MSC, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Director of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at McMaster University
Psychiatrist at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

“VoxNeuro is able to assess patients in a way that was traditionally impossible.”

Colleen Boyce
Director, NRIO, Division of Bayshore Therapy & Rehab