Use Cases

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Proactive monitoring

With periodic assessments, you can proactively track cognitive health throughout aging. Over time, if results show a significant change in cognitive function that is outside the norm for a patient’s age range, this is a flag to look into what has caused the change to address it as soon as possible. VoxNeuro’s technology can support holistic health check-ups, Executive Health and Employee Health plans.

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Reactive evaluation

VoxNeuro’s assessment can be used in evaluating a specific brain disorder such as concussion, traumatic brain injury, dementia or neurological impacts of COVID-19 or to investigate symptoms of cognitive dysfunction such as fatigue, memory loss or brain fog. Healthcare teams can use VoxNeuro’s cognitive scores to support their clinical findings and help inform treatment for their patients’ condition.

Common treatments for brain disorders include cognitive rehabilitation, functional rehabilitation, vision therapy, manual therapy, sub-symptom threshold training, mental health support and daily planning. 

When treatment is undertaken, repeat assessments track changes in a patient’s cognitive scores to monitor their progress and validate the efficacy of treatment, helping healthcare providers to maximize patient outcomes and expedite recovery timelines.

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Active high-risk professions

For individuals with high-risk professions, such as athletes, military personnel, construction workers, police officers and firefighters, VoxNeuro can be used to identify their cognitive function baselines. If they suffer an injury, a subsequent assessment can quickly confirm if the injury has impacted their cognitive scores, indicating recovery time is required before returning to duty, service or play.

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Data driven industries

VoxNeuro can add valuable data to organizations that require objective scores of cognitive function to support their business objectives. For example, the technology has the potential to be used in clinical trials for new medical interventions, pharmaceuticals, cannabis or psilocybin. The data VoxNeuro provides can verify if the intervention has the intended outcome as it relates to the performance of cognitive function.

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