Healthcare Professionals

VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ are an assessment tool developed to be used by a physician, nurse practitioner, or specialized healthcare professionals. The reports generated through the assessments are used to facilitate personalized medicine by helping healthcare professionals flag abnormalities in brain function, create targeted plans specific to each patient’s needs, track performance, and ultimately accelerate treatment as healthcare professionals now have a data driven roadmap to help guide their practice.


VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ are the missing piece to standard patient care pathways that require rehabilitating and improving brain health.

Physical, behavioural or neurological testing, & CT or MRI scans are unable to objectively identify abnormalities in brain function, or assess the root of functional impairments a patient may experience.

Integrating VoxNeuro’s non-invasive, objective Cognitive Health Assessment™ into the patient pathway helps to diagnose sooner, avoid the risk of misdiagnosis, ensure patients get the exact care they need in a timely manner, improve the patient experience and outcome.


VoxNeuro’s industry-leading solution to measure individuals’ brain function provides value to diverse stakeholders. Whether pharmaceutical, healthcare, sport or insurance-focused, VoxNeuro’s reports provide reliable data, quickly, that can be quantified and tracked – all without the need for a baseline assessment.