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Solutions for assessing brain health fall drastically behind those for other vital organs, like the heart and lungs. Current neuroimaging technologies, like CT and MRI, are well established to assess structural damage but not functional damage. They rely on indicators like bone damage, lesions and irregular blood flow, not electrical activity. Assessing electrical activity and knowing what the electrical patterns of the brain mean is key to truly understanding how the brain is performing, and what that means for a patient’s functional ability.

A patient’s brain health can be impacted by a variety of factors. Without objective data to make medical decisions, determining how to best treat your patient’s needs becomes complicated.

VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ are backed by 30+ years of peer-reviewed, federally and globally funded research. The evidence-based Cognitive Health Assessments™ combine industry validated neuropsychological assessments with state-of-the-art EEG-based neurotechnology.

VoxNeuro’s cloud-based AI software streamlines analysis and quickly provides user-friendly reports of the assessment results to make informed decisions about brain health. The breakthrough solution arms you with objective data to back your medical decisions and advocate for your patient’s treatment. You can easily communicate your patient’s problem areas and track their progress with repeat assessments. Cognitive Health Assessments™ can help your patients secure funding for treatment with objective evidence of their injury.

The assessment does not require a baseline, only takes 30 minutes to complete, and the report is in your hands within 2 days.


Neurological consequences of COVID-19 are being reported in 36-84% of COVID-19 patients. Why such a big percentage range? Because the tools being used in the majority of clinics and hospitals to confirm the presence of neurological consequences are subjective – based on patient self-reporting or observable symptoms.

VoxNeuro’s neurotechnology can support patients by confirming if they are suffering from neurological consequences of COVID-19.

Unlike subjective brain assessment tools, VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ measure brain health using brain biomarkers. The breakthrough assessment provides healthcare professionals with reliable data to inform treatment and track recovery.

Learn more about the neurological consequences of COVID-19.

How to start treating your patients with VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™:

Cognitive Health Assessments™ are available through VoxNeuro Test Centres and Treatment Providers.

Join VoxNeuro’s clinical network:

  • Option 1: Test Centre & Treatment Providers: VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessment™ systems are easily installed into any clinical setting and the assessments are simple to run. Each Test Centre goes through the Cognitive Health Assessment Accreditation Program™ to certify staff as Cognitive Health Technicians™, and accredit their clinic. Staff complete an in-person and online training course to become certified to use the reports to inform treatment.
  • Option 2: Treatment Providers: Staff complete an in-person and online training course to become certified to use the reports to inform treatment.

There are a number of coverage options that patients can leverage to fund their Cognitive Health Assessment™ such as extended benefits, motor vehicle accident or work-place insurance.

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