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When it comes to the brain, the ability to collect reliable data is limited, which makes it difficult to secure objective evidence pertaining to a client’s injury. Current neuroimaging technologies are well established to assess structural damage but not functional, because they rely on indicators like bone damage, lesions and irregular blood flow, not electrical activity. Assessing electrical activity and knowing what the electrical patterns of the brain mean is key to truly understanding how the brain is performing, and what that means for a client’s functional ability. A client’s brain health can be impacted by a variety of factors. Without objective data, advocating for your client becomes complicated.

VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ are backed by 30+ years of peer-reviewed, federally and globally funded research. The evidence-based Cognitive Health Assessments™ combine industry validated neuropsychological assessments with state-of-the-art EEG-based neurotechnology. 

VoxNeuro’s breakthrough solution in brain health management arms you with objective evidence of brain injury, including concussion, that can help you win your cases. They are easily accessible to help you streamline your case flow, offer low wait times for appointments and are a low cost for high-value data provided by a team of renowned neuroscience experts. You can easily demonstrate  that the assessment is reasonable and necessary to help secure funding to cover it. Cognitive Health Assessments™ quantify cognitive dysfunction to inform minor injury guideline rulings (non-CAT or CAT) and direct the client for appropriate healthcare based on their unique needs.

Refer a client for a Cognitive Health Assessment™:

  • Visit our Locations page to find a Test Centre
  • Contact a Test Centre directly to book an appointment
  • There are a number of coverage options that your client can leverage to fund their Cognitive Health Assessment™ such as extended benefits,  health spending accounts, motor vehicle accident or workplace insurance. If funding options aren’t available, the assessment can be paid for privately or through Medicard, a flexible financing plan.
  • You will receive the Cognitive Health Assessment™ report in 2 business days 
  • Review the report with the healthcare professional on the file, or work with Treatment Providers in VoxNeuro’s clinical network to obtain their medical opinion. Choose what works for you and your practice.

VoxNeuro offers report training for new clients. We recommend this to ensure you get the best use out of the data provided.

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Third Party Payors

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Through reliable measurement of brain function, Cognitive Health Assessments™ empower faster adoption of scientific discoveries coming out of research studies and clinical trials.

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