When it comes to our brains the ability to collect reliable data is limited, which complicates decision making about our brain health. CT, MRI, SPECT and behavioural assessments play vital roles in helping manage brain health, but are unable to provide reliable data of your cognitive function. This is needed to understand and treat your mental abilities, like memory, attention and information processing. 

VoxNeuro’s breakthrough Cognitive Health Assessments™ combine neurophysiological and functional tests, drawing on strengths from the most trusted brain assessments used clinically today. The EEG-based neurotechnology is used to see how your brain is performing. During the 30-minute assessment, you will go through a series of tests on a computer while wearing an EEG cap. Instead of using common “resting state” EEG techniques like most clinical EEG tests, Cognitive Health Assessments™ drive active engagement to pinpoint what core functions are performing below a healthy level. 

This data differentiates between true cognitive decline and perceived decline due to symptoms you may be experiencing caused by situational factors, such as stress, general fatigue or mood. 

Your healthcare providers use the results of your Cognitive Health Assessment™ to make informed decisions about your brain health: they can create targeted plans specific to your needs, track your performance, and ultimately accelerate treatment. Your results can also help you to take a proactive approach to optimizing your brain health, by tracking your improvement in performance when you implement new habits or lifestyle changes. Cognitive Health Assessments™ remove the need for trial-and-error approaches to cognitive rehabilitation, and allow you to have an informed view of the health of your brain to know what works best for you. 


Neurological consequences of COVID-19 are being reported in 36-84% of COVID-19 patients. Why such a big percentage range? Because the tools being used in the majority of clinics and hospitals to confirm the presence of neurological consequences are subjective – based on patient self-reporting or observable symptoms.

VoxNeuro’s neurotechnology confirms if your brain is performing at a healthy level, or if you are suffering from any cognitive issues that need to be treated.

Unlike subjective brain assessment tools, VoxNeuro’s Cognitive Health Assessments™ measure brain health using brain biomarkers.

Learn more about the neurological consequences of COVID-19.

How to book a VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment™:

  • Visit the Locations page
  • Contact a clinic directly to book an appointment

Please note: Your Cognitive Health Assessment™ will take place at a Test Centre. If the clinic you want to work with for your treatment is not also a Test Centre, not to worry. They will refer you to the Test Centre to complete your appointment.

  • There are a number of coverage options you may use to pay for your Cognitive Health Assessment™ such as extended benefits, health spending accounts, motor vehicle accident or workplace insurance if you are eligible. You may also pay out-of-pocket at time of your assessment or through Medicard, a flexible financing plan. VoxNeuro Certified Clinics can walk you through these options and help you determine which is best for you.

What happens after my Cognitive Health Assessment™?

  • The Treatment Providers you selected will receive your Cognitive Health Assessment™ report in 2 business days
  • The Treatment Providers will use your report to inform your treatment plan
  • Repeat assessments are recommended to track your progress throughout treatment. Follow-up assessments will confirm when your brain has returned to healthy levels of performance, or if continued treatment or long term compensatory approaches are recommended.

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